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It’s Italian Cucina is the richest and most refined creation in our line of 30 years of activity in the restaurant, food and beverage sector. After many years of award winning Wine lists and dishes, glowing with critics raving reviews and publications, recipient of Ciao Italia and Zagat awards; among others; It’s Italian Cucina brings about an evolution in the concept of Food and Wine with a refreshing twist; a place where culture, quality, and atmosphere come together. The elements we are known for is superb cuisine, seamless service, most intelligent wine collection hand picked by our wine location specialist, all in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, rendezvousing together. Our philosophy is as easy as it is straight forward - use the best, freshest ingredients, including local, from produce, meats and seafood, to Italian imported cheeses, cold cuts, olive oil, aceto balsamico, and serve them with flourish and joy, on top of that, our many unusual ingredients will surprise and delight you.

Our menu is a labor of love - an exuberant celebration of the best of Piemontese style Italian food as well as specialities from neighboring Northern regions such as Lombardy, Friuli, Valle d’Aosta, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. Piedmont being Italy’s most culinary progressive region has cuisine unlike any other area, and with our culinary knowledge and direct expertise we strive to bring the experience and a piece of Italy to you. We offer broad range of specialty dishes, from beef to seafood, risotto to pasta, including Agnolotti del Plin, and the most distinctive Piemontese dish, Bagna Cauda. Our goal is to offer delicious food with simple ingenuity and cosmopolitan sophistication with the rich and tasty character of Piemontese dishes. And, all to be perfectly paired with our creative Wine selection including hundred percent Italian in celebration of the quality and diversity of Italian grape varietals and vilification.

It’s Italian Cucina is a place to be lived, a spirited environment to be part of your life and taste. An environment suited for an individual as well as gatherings. IIC is our interpretation of the best we have come to know, where it is openly shared as an art with passion in every details.

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Our Menu


  1. Pane con Oliva e Erbe: bread w/olive oil & herbs 3

  2. Bruschette Pomodoro: tomatoes, garlic & olive oil 8

  3. Bagna Cauda: garlic, olive oil & anchovy sauce w/vegetables 9

  4. Calamari Fritti: fried breaded squid 10

  5. Prosciutto di Parma: with olive oil & aged balsamic 12

  6. Lumache con Burro d’aglio: Snails in garlic herb butter 12

  7. Fritto Misto Piemontese: fried veggies, meat, bread & biscotti 13

  8. Antipasto Misto: array of finest cold cuts 15

  9. Arancini del giorno: today’s selection Market


  1. Il Giardino: mix green salad w/red wine vinaigrette 7

  2. Cesare: romaine with anchovy caesar 7

  3. Burrata: with heirloom tomatoes, olive oil & balsamic 10

  4. Caprese Prosciutto: bufala mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes 10

  5. Rucola: arugula, shaved parmesan, olive oil & lemon 10

    Add: prosciutto/5 calamari/5 grilled chicken/6


  1. Zuppa del Giorno: today’s selection 6

  2. Frutta di Mare: seafood in bordo topped w/crostini 25


  1. Asparagi di Bassano: white asparagus w/boiled eggs 7

  2. Verdure grigliata: grilled balsamic vegetables 7

  3. Polenta grigliata: grilled polenta 7

  4. Patate Fritte: fried truffled potatoes with parmesan 7

primi piatti

  1. Fettuccine Spinaci Crema: Spinach pasta w/parmesan cream 12

  2. Tonnarelli Bolognese: egg pasta w/traditional bolognese sauce 13

  3. Gnocchi alla Bava: potato pasta w/grana padana, butter 15

  4. Ravioli Mantova: pumpkin & mascarpone w/butter herbs 17

  5. Agnolotti del Plin: osso buco filled pasta with butter sage sauce 18

  6. Fettuccine al Tartuffo: Truffeled w/porcini cream & shrimp 20

  7. Fettuccine Nero: black ink squid cream pasta w/ scallops 22

  8. Risotto del giorno: today’s selection market

    gluten free casarecce pasta available upon request add/2

secondi piatti

  1. Pollo con Prosciutto: chicken w/prosciutto, gorgonzola 18

  2. Fegato alla Venezia: calf liver sautéed onion 19

  3. Vitello Tonnato: veal with sauce of tuna, egg & caper suace 20

  4. Anatra Cacciatore: duck hunter style in a tomato base 25

  5. Trota con Gamberi: Trout & shrimp w/spinach cream 26

  6. Osso Buco Milanese: braised veal knuckle w/rosemary 28

  7. Cotoletta alla Valdostana: veal chop w/fontina & ham 29

  8. Pesce del Giorno Market

Tour D'Italia/Calabria

  1. Bruschette Acciughe: anchovies, tomatoes & black olive pate 9

  2. Chitarra all'Amatriciana: pasta w/pancetta, onion, pepperolio 12

  3. Sapore di Mare: various fried seafood w/calabrese sauce 25

  4. Cannoli Calabrese: spiced chocolate shell cannoli 7


  1. Afogato: gelato of the day topped with espresso 6

  2. Torta di Nocciola: hazelnut torte 7

  3. Tiramisu: a true pick me up 7

  4. Torta Gianduia: flourless chocolate of piedmont 7

  5. Sciarita frutta: fresh fruit w/mascarpone & chocolate 7

  6. Gelato or Sorbetto: today's selection 6


  1. Duri: parmigiana, grana padano, asiago w/fig jam, amarena cherries & pine nuts 12

  2. Mozzarella Trio: bufala, smoked, burrata, fig jam, amarena cherries & pine nuts 14

  3. Nord Italia: tallegio, bel paese, gorgonzola dolce Fig jam, amarena Cherries & pine nuts 16

  4. Elegante: pecorino crudo al pepe nero, pecorino crudo al tartufo, chevere goat, fig jam, amarena cherries & pine nuts 18

    gluten free bread available upon request add/2

Lunch (Mon-Fri 11am-3pm)

Entrees Served with choice of salad or soup of the day
  1. Pasta Verdure: today’s pasta w/vegetable and marinara sauce 12

  2. Pollo Bella: grilled chicken w/fontina & prosciutto 13

  3. Salsicce: grilled sausage w/mushrooms, peppers & onion 14

  4. Pesce Fritta: fried trout with baby clams sauce 15

Panini Served with parmesan truffled potatoes or vegetable medley topped with italian herbs, sea salt, & cracked pepper
  1. Tre Formaggi: parmigiana, asiago, romano, tomatoes, lettuce & spicy cherry pepper spread 10

  2. Caprese: fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, arugula, italian pickles & garlic mayonnaise 11

  3. Porchetta: roast pork, provolone, tomato, italian pickels & mayonnaise 12

  4. Pollo: grilled chicken, asiago, arugula, tomato & ligurian pesto spread 13

  5. Tutti Carni: prosciutto, salami, ham, parmigiana, lettuce,tomato, italian pickles, peperoncini & spicy mayonnaise 14

  6. gluten free bread available upon request add 2

Brunch (Sunday 11am-3pm)

Entrees served with fresh fruit & truffelled parmesan potatoes
  1. Toastato con Cannella: french toast piedmont style with cinnamon10

  2. Panino Colazione: sandwich of ham, egg & asiago cheese 11

  3. Bruschette Uovo: tomato bruschette with sunny side up eggs 12

  4. Caprese e Uovo: caprese salad topped with poached eggs 12

  5. Pasta Colazione: truffeled fettuccine, pancetta, mushroom, sunny side up eggs in an olive oil sauce13

  6. Fritatta Friuliano: omelette of prosciutto, tomato, onion, garlic, mix green, peppers & tallegio cheese 14

  7. Stufato: this week’s brunch stew with eggs 15

Cocktails  (Glass/Carafes/Liter)
  1. Bellini: prosecco and peach nectar 8/15/29

  2. Vivaldi: prosecco and apricot nectar 8/15/29

  3. Corelli: prosecco and pear nectar 8/15/29

  4. Puccini: prosecco & orange juice 8/15/29

  5. Rosabella: rose w/ juices, fruits & soda 8/15/29

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